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Designer Spotlight – Jasper Goodall

June 30, 2009

Jasper Goodall is going to be a speaker at the upcoming Melbourne Semi-Permanent design event, taking place in early October. The image pictured is from a series of works called “Poster Girl”.

Click on the pic to see the rest of the series and find out more.



A Fond Childhood Memory

June 30, 2009

I’m a little late in posting this. It’s not meant to be a tearful tribute or anything like that, but I remember vividly seeing this video as a youngster and just absolutely loving it. In fact I was almost too scared to watch it when it first aired – that scene when he starts changing into the were-wolf caused me to flee the room the first viewing (I was very young!!). I had a copy on Beta video, and pretty much wore the tape out – I remember watching it 15 times in a row at one point.

Anyway, enjoy: Michael Jackson’s Thriller. See video here


Amazing Photos

June 30, 2009

First spotted on the truly excellent We Are Build blog, this photograph from the 1969 moon landings really is awe-inspiring. It is from a new book “Apollo: Through the Eyes of the Astronauts”. I have always been fascinated by space and space exploration since I was very young and it’s images like these that really take me back to the feelings of excitement and wonder I’d get back then.

Click on the image below to see the full size version, or click here to see the entire gallery.


Designer Spotlight – Build

June 30, 2009

Build were one of my favourite speakers at the 2006 Semi-Permanent design event held in Auckland, NZ.

Established in 2001 by Michael C. Place, Build has gone on to forge “an international reputation as a forward-thinking Graphic Design studio with an exceptional eye for detail and a unique sense of style.” I love their work and find it extremely inspirational.

Check them out here


Favourite Music Videos – 1

June 24, 2009

Not every post is going to be a video clip, but I was planning on having a regular feature where I post about some of my favourite music videos. Music has always been a huge influence on my work, and some videos really manage to push the envelope in new and exciting ways.

This particular clip is a great band, playing a great song, in a video inspired by a great (and rather ground-breaking) 80’s movie called Tron (with a sequel to said movie due to be arriving in the next year or so). So enjoy! The Strokes – 12:51 See video here.

strokes 1251

Welcome to the world of Addictive Design

June 15, 2009

Welcome to the world of Addictive Design. The idea behind this blog is to collect together all the bits ‘n pieces that inspire what we do: from designers and artists and the work they produce, to movies, music, fashion – basically all areas of pop culture and beyond – if its innovative and cool as f***, it’s going on this blog! In addition to this we will also post about some of the projects we are currently involved in and work that we, for some reason or other, are proud of and want you to know about! We will attempt to update daily Monday to Friday – feel free to pop by anytime!